ValentigerPlay – November Playlist

November 10th, 2017

Valentiger’s November playlist has dropped. The boys really touched on a little of everything here, making for a solid mix. Rider has included the band’s own ‘All I,’ reminiscing the video that was shot for it in the Fall – see it here. From there, we’ve got everything from INXS to Alvvays, back to Fats (RIP) and forward into the 90s with a Breeders deep cut. Enjoy!

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October 13th, 2017

Valentiger has launched it’s Spotify playlist project.  The fellas will all be making monthly submissions, compiled into a 12-song collection, including Valentiger songs.  The installments will loosely cover influences, past, present and future contemporaries and songs the boys generally enjoy.  October’s installment features a couple Tom Petty projects in light of his passing and some funky rock n’ roll, as well as the timely ‘Monster Mash.’  When prompted on the Bobby ‘Boris’ Picket tune, Shirey fires, “Novelty or not, you must mash.  Spoofing the dance craze and still coming out with a timeless hit – spooky, right?  Plus, Leon Russel played?”  And yes, you must.

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VALENTIGER Open Mic Returns

October 7th, 2016

Hey ya’ll – VALENTIGER is back to hosting open mic at Elk Brewing.  Our first night back had a full list of great performers, keeping us bumping well into the night.  Myself, I missed the laid back atmosphere that mixes craft beer with music and camaraderie, without seeming to overwhelm.  Come down and play, come down and say ‘hey.’  It’s whatever you want it to be.  We run 8-11PM every Tuesday.  Cheers!

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July 27th, 2016

After the 4th of July I really partied hard with my friends.  It was totally cool!  I had so much fun!  I hope that we can do it again!   Here is a cool list of cool, fun things I did:

I drank beers at Elk Brewing.
I reprised “Here It Comes” in the name of dance.
I drank beers and listened to vintage rap in Detroit.
We tried to “cash in” to a hotel.
There was a puddle in the hallway.
VALENTIGER played on a beach.
I ended a song on my knees.
My friends got in Lake Huron.
I played shuffleboard and drank Poets.
I heard Alice Cooper’s “Under My Wheels.”
I stayed in an AirBNB above a bar.
I went to a Midwest Loons baseball game.
I played at Dow Gardens.
I saw the Tridge.
We told the audience about Face Off.
I was in Dallas, TX.
I played laser tag, bowling and shuffleboard (again).
I saw an armadillo.
I got wicked sick.
I played music next to a splash pad.
VALENTIGER took a ferry over Lake Michigan with our gear.
I played music on Mackinac Island.
My friends went to ALL the bars.
I ate a salad in bed.
I drank beers at Short’s Brewery.
Bill took a bath.
We threw a plastic bag into a ceiling fan for hours.
I went to a casino and won $5.
I spent it on beer.
I went to an A&W with a server.
I played music with my friends.
I played music in a hot yoga class.

It is hot.  I hope this Summer is still cool.  Later, Gator!

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Tuesday Practice Sessions Commence

May 6th, 2016

Valentiger has wrapped up weekly open mic at Elk Brewing in part to compensate for Summer lives, but also to begin our Tuesday practice sessions.  Don’t worry, we’re currently set to resume there around September.  This is an especially nice time for us due to the weather; we’ll be out in the remote garage setup, drinking a few beers and ‘banding.’  It’s a fairly busy season for gigging but we’re looking to keep the wheels greased and work on new material.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.26.03 AMRecently, our studio computer crashed into a state of no return, leaving us in a rebuild stage; time to make some updates and improvements.  There’s a decent stockpile of demos on the hard drive and we’ll be able to recover them.  But, as we take the time to treat the space and acquire some new equipment, it’s putting us in a good position to comb through some song drafts and casually pick them apart to death.

So, cheers from the Valentiger garage this Summer.  We’re definitely out and about quite a bit this season – come out and say, “Hi.”


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