VALENTIGER Embarks on Good Friction Tour 2016

December 9th, 2015

VALENTIGER will be hitting the road again, performing the bulk of their latest release, Stray Animals, before heading back into the studio early next year.  Shirey says:

“I’m really glad to be doing another set of long-form touring for Stray Animals.  The shows are always great just after a record release, with the hype and all.  But now we’re seasoned a year, playing these songs live.  It’s a whole different vibe.  For those who couldn’t make it to a previous show with this record, perhaps they’ve been listening to it at home, this would be the time to come see us play these songs.  It’s our best sounding record and our best batch of songs yet, though I’m excited to start work on the next.  Maybe I’ll try to work a new tune into this tour’s set – no promises.”

But the band DOES promise to see you in these cities over the course of January and February:

1/5  Kalamazoo, MI – Union Cabaret
1/6 Columbus, OH – Rumba Cafe1/7 Nashville, TN – Mad Donna’s
1/8 Terre Haute, IN – The Verve
1/9 Hamtramck, MI – The New Dodge
1/21 Grand Rapids, MI – Founders Brewing Co.
1/22 Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen
1/23 Milwaukee, WI – Linneman’s
2/25 Brooklyn, NY – The Living Room
2/26 Philadelphia, PA -TBA
2/27 Pittsburgh, PA – TBA

Drop the boys a line, come out to see them, spread the word – OR – all three.  Cheers 2016!

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Satellite Records (Kalamazoo, MI) January 15, 2014

January 18th, 2015

John Barrett guest reviews VALENTIGER’s set at Satellite Records in Kalamazoo for the Western Herald:

From Grand Rapids, Valentiger is a straightforward trio with folksy harmonies and a power-pop sensibility. One way to describe them: imagine Elvis Costello with a twang. Sparkling Eighties guitar patterns meet vulnerable lyrics and a fragile hurt-guy persona that fits these songs well.

When the singer picks up a Bob Dylan harmonica rack, I expect a dose of “Big Heavy Messages.” What I get is the “California Sun” drum intro, snotty “leaving town” lyrics, and great heaps of garage-band blues harp. Taking it down a notch, the next tune serves up country harmonics and liquid-smooth chiming guitar chords.

“Cry” brings on Everly Brothers harmonies and those soft sad chords, draping you in a soft blanket of loneliness. The harmonica is closer to Dylan here, and it fits. The next song seemingly travels on a wobbly rail, as clip-clopping rhythms work off chords that seem slightly askew. They finish things off with “Connection.” Perhaps the poppiest of their set, the blunt rhythmic bass pushes it along as the impassioned words are sung by both guitarists in a way that’s sharp and stunning. A few folky licks sneak through in the guitar solo, and throughout the song, it’s clear they’re having a lot of fun.

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“When You Come to an End” Official Video

December 17th, 2014

VALENTIGER has premiered the official video for “When You Come to an End,” the first from their latest record, Stray Animals.  It was shot by the band on their iPhones over the course of one night while traveling and performing in northern Michigan and edited by Rider.  Shirey was available for comment:


“It was that perfect time, Fall in Michigan, where the sun is shining on everything through the crisp air and the leaves are changing.  I don’t know, everybody seems to have a pretty good feeling around that time.  Rider suggested we just collect a bunch of footage on our way up north to Short’s Brewery on a Saturday, specifically for “When You Come to an End.”  I think the song has a really personal vibe and can be confused as feeling a little dark, but, mostly, it’s just about ‘doing your thing,’ per say, and getting on with it.  So, I think Rider saw some footage of ‘us being us’ as being a really good fit for the song.  With him saying, “Any footage is good footage,” we fired up the phones and tried to remember just to shoot anything.  Fortunately, we stumbled up on that enormous lawn art place and captured a bit of footage backstage, playing shuffleboard, and drinking beers in the hotel; it created a little window into our world when we’re not up on stage.  Our individual personalities are a big part of the band and it seemed to showcase a bit of that.”


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VALENTIGER concludes Field Recordings with (All We’ve Got Is) The Trouble We’re In

December 3rd, 2014

Shot first and released last, “(All We’ve Got Is) The Trouble We’re In” was released this week, closing the Stray Animals Field Recordings Project.  The boys climbed atop a hill in Cincinnati, Ohio to perform the track with Shirey in standard position and Kahler playing the bell set with extreme technique and precision.  Shirey commented, “This is my favorite video of the bunch.  I really like these because it strips the song down to the bare bones, but usually there’s one odd instrument in there as well.  I like to think that maybe people will appreciate some of the finer details of the tunes in this format, like honing in on the lyrics or chord structures.  Also, maybe it makes it more boring without some of the more melodic elements of the studio tracks.  So, what might save it in that aspect is Rider’s cinemetography – always spot-on, especially in this instance.  Overall, they’re cool, captured moments in time of the band traveling and playing our newest tunes.  I always dig those off-the-cuff moments from my favorite bands.  I’m always glad we make that extra effort when we’re usually beaten up on the road.”

The band was only able to capture 6 tracks, only 4 of which made it to post production in one piece.  Is there a song that didn’t make it that you’d like to hear the boys play, as Shirey states, “off-the-cuff?”  They’re taking requests to record them.  A challenge is the only way to get them off their asses (their words).  Email, leave a message or comment on this site, Facebook or tweet them a request @valentiger.

“(All We’ve Got Is) The Trouble We’re In” is from VALENTIGER’s latest release, STRAY ANIMALS, available on vinyl, compact disc and digital download, here. STRAY ANIMALS is also on iTunes and just about every digital media outlet you can shake, well, anything at.

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Stray Animals Field Recordings 3/4: Ugly Side of Town (Neither Here Nor There)

November 22nd, 2014

“Ugly Side of Town (Neither Here Nor There)” makes three of four field recordings VALENTIGER is releasing this month.  The latest features Shirey plucking and teetering on a parking garage window in New York City with support from Rider on a snare drum and brushes.  Shirey commented, “There wasn’t much hope for multiple takes; the security guard was kind enough to let us finish the song.  We knew we had to go, though.”

“Ugly Side of Town (Neither Here Nor There)” is from VALENTIGER’s latest release, STRAY ANIMALS, available on vinyl, compact disc and digital download, here. STRAY ANIMALS is also on iTunes and just about every digital media outlet you can shake, well, anything at.

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