Pyramid Scheme 12/16/17


What a great bill – from Mertle to Blanca Luz to Major Murphy and the Valentiger boys closing out the night; what more could one ask in these relative genres?  Mertle rolled onto the scene in their van formerly belonging to The Shins and opened the evening with their sailing sounds and solid grooves.  This then led us into Blanca Luz sounding tight as ever, Cedric’s guitar ripping into the night.  It was great to hear fellow three-piece Major Murphy pump out their tunes, including ‘Mary,’ which is gaining some traction for them.  And for us, we were in what is always an interesting position of mixing new, unreleased tunes with some of our more familiar material and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Everyone in attendance seemed, to me, to be noticeably united and the room as a whole was especially attentive and supportive.  There was a very warm vibe and a fluidity to the night which is worth noting and I want to thank everyone who came out and shared a night of music with us – because we all made it happen together.  Thanks for singing along and dancing.  Thanks for listening and chatting, buying records and supporting us.  Thanks for yelling, ‘Free Bird!’ I guess; we all gotta do something.  A live show, for us, is a two-way street.  We’re all in the same room, at the same show trying to do our thing and have a good time.  It was a good one – thanks again, all.  So, here’s looking forward to 2018 – cheers and see you soon!

Of note:
*Valentiger played 4 new songs
*Shirey is/was trying to bring back “dease” – as in ‘decent’
*Rider had the new Valentiger camera out and about, snappin’ some shots
*Bill did NOT eat 13 tacos, but will eventually