Local H at The Stache

What a great night.

Benjamin Howell Photography

Benjamin Howell Photography

Three cheers for Local H - a true sonic force. And Scott is a great guy to boot (as far as my limited and humble opinion goes). Watching him personally run their merchandise table was a thing of beauty; some of what it’s really all about. Working hard and connecting with people in a genuine way. That goes for anything you’re doing.

It explains their loyal, fervent fan base. The crowd was respectful, excited, attentive. It was a joy to play for such a room full of people. And possibly more delightful were some of the conversations I had after our set; sounds, songs, music, life. This show was a real treat - thanks to everybody out there, convening for just…a ‘cool night of living.’

Shout out to Stoop GoodNoise, Slumlord Radio for opening the show. Hi, Intersection, PBR! Benjamin Howell - killer photos.

Bill even got in to see MEGA 80s; what more could you ask for?