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We're excited to announce VALENTIGER will be opening for Gin Blossoms 5/29 at 20 Monroe Live!  If you were anywhere near conscious in the 90's, no need for explanation.  If you find yourself unawares, just flick over to YouTube for a taste of catchy jangle pop contained within undeniable hit singles.

I have always enjoyed listening to Gin Blossoms and maybe even more so as time has passed.  It's that pop sense with good lyrics.  But the band also has what's often missing in most cases where those two things are present - that magic when it all comes together perfectly, if but for just a moment in time.

VALENTIGER is no stranger to the term 'jangle pop,' with even our drum set having been described as jangling, however that may be.  This can undoubtedly be traced back to the band's penchant for 50s, 60s and 70s rock and pop.  But we're also 2/3 children of the 90s and I've still got a New Miserable Experience cassette around the house - this is all adding up.

I think it's safe to say some things run parallel between these two bands (other than one being famous and one clearly not), which should make for a great show this upcoming Tuesday, May 29.  You can catch your pals, VALENTIGER, banging out a dense set of 'hits, favorites and a few new ones' in a state-of-the-art venue, as well as jam out to a what I can only assume a similar plan (on a whole 'nother level) from perpetual radio mainstays, Gin Blossoms.  You'll hear some things you know, some things you like; you might might even find yourself jangling in time, mid-sip.  I think lead singer Robin Wilson sums it up with a principle VALENTIGER has also held dear over the years as well: 

“We’re entertaining and we have chops,” says Wilson, “but it really comes down to the songs. The reason we’re still here is that we have good songs. When young musicians ask me for advice, what’s the best thing to do to further my career, I always say, write good songs. It always comes down to that.”

Well we all try, anyway.  Amen, brother; see you Tuesday.